Regional Importance   According to IMF estimates, in 2010 Argentina was the second largest economy in South America by GDP, trailing only Brazil.
Exporting Strength   Has developed trading ties with emerging and developed world powers. Countries, as a percentage of total exports: Brazil 18.8%, China 9.3%, Chile 7.1%, USA 6.4% (CIA Factbook 2010*)
Agricultural Commodities   Second largest corn exporter and third largest soy exporter in the world, stands to benefit from increased food demand in the emerging world (CIA Factbook 2010*)
Energy Developments   Natural gas reserves discovered in 2010 will help Argentina move toward energy independence, combined with additional investments in hydroelectric and nuclear power (Reuters 2010)
Infrastructure Expansion   The government is moving to upgrade Argentina’s railways, energy production and telecommunication capabilities with increased investment in 2011 (Wall Street Journal 2010)
Foreign Reserves   Trade surpluses and debt reduction have allowed Argentina to increase its foreign exchange reserves and gold by nearly 20% per year over the past five years (CIA Factbook 2010*)
*Note: 2010 values based on World Bank, IMF and CIA estimates
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